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Corporate Customised Training


All our programmes can be fully customised to suit the needs and business objectives of your organisation.

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Unleash your potential to bring out the best in yourself.

Up Your Game!
The Most Holistic Personal Effectiveness Training Approach

Developed for any organisation that wants to SHIFT and GROW to boost its business results.

Know Thyself Thru MBTI

Who Should Attend: Leaders and Managers who need to increase their capacity to inspire and build effective relationships to bring out the best in others.

Embracing Change With Positivity

Understand the business need for change, develop self-awareness around personal reactions & response to change and understand how these can be managed for personal and professional growth.

Breakthrough Performance with NLP

Learn how to achieve personal and professional excellence by understanding the mindsets that drive it and accompanying strategies which will help bring your performance to the next level.

The Power Of Emotional Intelligence in Creating Organisational Breakthrough

Why do some people who are blessed with superior IQ do just okay in their careers, while others with modest IQ gifts succeed? Truth is, having high IQ alone does not guarantee success. In order to work well with others, your need strong EQ — and that’s what this programme is all about.

Sales Excellence Institute

“An organization that understands the importance of empowering its salesforce is one that will attract the best talents, achieve the greatest and most consistent sales results, and be successful in retaining its salespeople.”

AKLTG is a learning associate of Sales Excellence Institute.

Speaking With Charisma And Dynamism

Put the FIRE back into your speaking today! This is a program that brings out the best in you — Guaranteed!

Strategic Planning

As global, regional and local business landscape evolves and becomes more competitive, organisations need to come up with more robust strategic plans. The need of the hour is a greater focus on big picture and evolving strategies to not just survive but stay miles ahead in this GREAT GAME OF BUSINESS!

Managing Change

Change is the only constant. This is true even in today’s world of business, politics and relationships. The only way to emerge victorious is to learn how to master change in any circumstances.

The Heart of Service Excellence: Making Emotional Connections

Service excellence is extremely important being the heart-ware of the society — Whether you are from operations, sales, marketing, human resource or finance. Uplifting your internal and external service standards will translate to happy customers and bring you results you desire!


Master skills targeted at improving your operational and functional efficiencies.


Progress to the next level by mastering your interpersonal communication, team development and leadership skills.

Inspiring Leadership 21

The 21st Century Economy demands a drastic rethink about Organisational dynamics and this invigorating program brings Leaders through a powerful journey of self discovery, understanding leaving them with useable tools to help grow their teams and performance.

Building High Performance Teams

History has shown: well-knit Teams have the potential to achieve previously unimaginable results. In this program, you will learn to develop the characteristics of high performance teams and be out of the ordinary!

Inter-personal Skills Mastery

The dynamic 21st century workplace demands people to work in groups and teams with various stakeholders. In this program, learn to develop the excellent interpersonal skills to rise to the top and become the kingpin who can leap your organisation to the next level!

Performance Coaching And Mentoring

Wherever you are on the corporate or career ladder, everyone will need some form of guidance and support along the way. This program aims to help leaders in the organization become successful mentors and coaches to their team by creating leaders out of others, while avoiding the common mistakes and myths that other organizations have when adopting mentoring as a strategic tool for greater productivity.


Build, bond and breakthrough using experiential learning through our carefullyselected suite of team building programmes.